Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The day after the endless water

Jennifer wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and A happy New Year:

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Sister and I went to find mimi and friends today. We found pi pa, mimi, ginger and little sweetie. It is really nice to see all of them warm once again. Mimi ate all his food today, must be real hungry over the last two days. Little sweetie is very affectionate, she keep rolling on the ground.

We saw megan today. She is a primary school kid that love cats too. Her favourite cat is Ginger.. but she keep mixing pi pa and ginger up..we need to remind her that Ginger got a tiger stripe tail while pi pa got just a orange tail and is bigger and fatter. She told us once that her mum is scared of cats..yet she did not stop her daughter from playing with cats. I though it is a good will help to build up her compassion and concern toward community cats when she grow up. Megan said that she often feed Ginger in the afternoon with wet canned food..i asked her if she had throw the leftover away, she answered with a 'yes'.

Today, we saw megan with a dog. I asked her if it was her neighbour's dog. She told me that it was a newly-abandoned dog that she found. She will try to rehome the dog... she passed the dog to another person, i think maybe her brother when she spotted us with ginger. She said she will not touch Ginger as she had dog smell.... Ginger gave her a happy meow when megan greeted her. Then megan ran off with a good bye.

When megan left, sister asked me a strange question:

Sister: "Do you think we can sterilize all the cats in Singapore"
I said:"No "
Sis: "Do you think those cats will be no longer be in Singapore 30 to 40 years from now since they can no longer breed?"
Me:"there are always those staying in house that abandoned cats so cats will never disappear. It is authority that is responsible if cats ever disappear... remember that Singapura cats. It used to be our proud street cats until it disappeared forever from Singapore's street ... clearly because the cats were being caught.... It is a shame that for our own local cats(our special breed), they can only be found in U.S."

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