Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sister's Reward today from cats @ ECP

Today, sister showed us her hand with four bites.. she was asking it happened so fast that she did not know if it is a claw or teeth that attack her. I told her it was a cat teeth definitely.

We decided to play 'nasty' by catching DD and opening her teeth to see her inner.... two fangs on front and 2 on the back...we concluded that it was 100% a cat bite.

Sister's funds for the ECP are now running low. Sister and another girl from VJ, A, decided that they will be baking cookies to sell next Jan. Today, sister asked me if i can help. I told her i can only make 'ang ku kueh'(with Mum). Come to think of it, it is fun to stuff yellow bean paste(or red bean) into the soft flour of the ang ku kueh and then make the shape of little turtle out....Mum and I usually make 50 plus ang ku kueh near CNY.

Baking is no no...i cannot bake, in fact, we do not have any oven at home.....Mum is better at those traditional chinese 'gao' like pumkim gao, carrot cake, yam kueh,Fa gao ...... I wondered how many cookies they will eventually make to sell since only A know how to make the cookies while sister will be the 'apprentice' - trying to do something that she never do at home...

Last Sun, dad, sister and me were at Blood's hostel helping him to clear his room. Blood had intend to go to Germany for student exchange program so he need to clear all his belongings. Sister got her stuff from the last sale (she had placed her stuff in Blood's room) to raise funds for ECP back. Now, our room looked like a storeroom with a big box here and many plastic bags on the floor. Posted by Picasa

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