Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Super friendly cats at Bendemeer market

Jennifer wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and A happy New Year:

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Today, dad took mum and me to the Bendemeer market while sister and dad will go to feed dad's workplace cats.

This is my first visit to the market. Normally, i only visited the hawker centre for food. On monday morning, most stalls inside the market were still closed as there was nothing to sell as the wholesale market were not open on sun. Most stalls that were opened were selling vegetables from last Friday.

I am surprised that for such a tiny market, there were so many stalls selling different variety of items. I saw quite a number of cats too. All are sterilized and well-taken care of. Actually i saw something that i think was silly - There is this extremely big banner that said something about getting rid of rats. I am telling mum that if the authority will leave the cats alone, the rats will also be gone too. I patted two DD's clone, one lovely white and brown tabby and one nana clone. I saw a tao-tuo with a bob tailed like sweetie walking, did not get close enough to pat him.

I liked how the upgraded one-room flat in the area are designed. There is a open space outside the kitchen area where the owners can place their plants outside the area. The space is like a mini coridor where all units share the same area. All of the upgraded flats there really looked like very nice.... it looked better than the block where i am living now.

While mum was buying lunch, i went back to find dad whom had come to fetch us. I saw a cat that looked like nana. Sister also came to join me. Sister got a scratch from nana clone when sister touched nana's back. The bad temper seem to be very similar to real nana too where We must sayang her properly, if we anyhow pat her, she will turn around and scream at us... This is how the current nana clone behave... pat wrongly and got a scratch. Sister also carried fake nana like a baby. Then, mum came with our lunch, we patted nana clone again before saying goodbye to her.

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