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Rude singaporeans or Irresponsible Dog owners?

Jennifer say:

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I submitted a short email to

My short email is published today:

"In my area, there is this neighbourhood park. Every day, i will walk down this park to the bus stop. Many times, i had to avoid stepping onto those dogs poo that appeared on the pavement where people walked. In fact, i had stepped on those poo before and needed to dump my sandals. If people wanted a dog, why can't they take the extra effort to clean up their dog's business. It is so inconsiderate of those dog owners. Seldom did i seen any people whom actually cleared the dog's poo. Did paying license for dog give dog owner the right to allow littering of their beloved dog's poo? i do not think so... i think this act is irresponsible."

*sigh* sad to say that some cat feeders also behave like those dog the expenses of cats....

And As like everyone, this is not my first experience with rude singaporeans.

1) At a food court at Compass Point, sister and I were walking toward a empty table when a family of four came faster than us to claim the table. Sister and I were so pissed that we decided NEVER to eat in that food court any more. KFC is more comfortable, less mad crowd.

2) I cannot believe my eyes when i saw a girl wearing an shorts and crossing her legs high up in the bus. And there is another young guy eyeing on her from that opposite seat. Can't she saw that dirty pair of eyes opposite her?

3) In the MRT, there is always those one or two idiots whom put their back on the pole. I can hardly balance without grabbing hold of the pole. My solution is to put my thumb out... it pop into the back of the person but i do not care as i can hardly find any place to hold...I am glad that SMRT had make the pole to have three holding areas.

4) Once, there is this English speaking Auntie whom took 1 1/2 of the seats in the bus with me taking only the remaining half. All the time, she was chatting and chatting. And poor me was trying to push her stupid bags to herself. Maybe if the same thing happen again, i should ask the question whether she is paying for one seat or two seats?

5) Isn't it irritating to hear the sudden sound of 'Boom boom' that come from the noisy motorcycles in the middle of the night...

6) How many times did u see kids running around like monkeys in hawkers, food courts or coffeeshop? The strangest thing is their parents seem to approve their child's action.Or worse, they will start 'scolding' their child: "Ah Boy, stop running, sit down!" Proper training begin at home, not at public areas. When i was a P/T waitress, i always see 'wild monkeys' running around, i was dropping sweat when i had to carry the hot dishes and avoiding them that seem to appear everywhere in between every tables. There is this incident where a parent wrote a forum to ST that her child injured her head when her child run to find her.... the common sense is to teach ur child to walk, not RUN in dangerous areas. As what others ppl had lectured, Food court is not a Playground...

7) Do u ever noticed that when a group of secondary girls or boys came into a bus, the bus will suddendly become a fish market? My God, the levels of noises they make can be compared to the seven month geitai...

8) Many of the times while I am feeding mimi and friends, there are always people that walked past and take a glance at us. Lookign at us is one thing but when u stare and stare and did not turn ur head away, it is considered rude. My solution is to stare back at them, often, they will pretend that they never stare and walked away.

9) As in very flat, there is always those people whom keep dropping water down ur window esp if u stay at lower floor. All these years, mum had never hung our laundry outside the window. When we moved into SN, there is this unkown person above us that kept dripping water and oil down..right into our window. We had to close our window at 6 plus or our window will be full of gease and water. Yucks...

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