Tuesday, January 04, 2005


i feel sad abt the baby rat short life yesterday..i lay in bed thinkin how it did not even open his little eyes to see the world..*sign* then i started thinkin of my poor xiaofei..and before i get emotional, i shut those poor babies out of my mind..

sweetie came to our house today, that is monday..i just send her back to the void deck..i saw sweetie moving toward the neighbourhood park and called her..she look happi to see me and follow me all teh way to the lift..then amazingly, she stepped into the lift herself..i told mum but she did not believe me ..but sweetie reali did that all by herself..except when the lift door shut close, i scard it will snap her little bobtail so i pushed her inside..then sweetie stayed in our house till 12midnite when she meow at mum for duno what..so it back into the wild for our adventerous sweetie again..

hee..i starting to like the idea of a daycare sweetie looking session..we can easily took her back by putting her into the tolley that we carry goods...pushin is easy...

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