Monday, January 31, 2005

Hamtaro and pals

Jennifer say:

This is now the blog for my hamsters..they are v cute too ..i still love them v much thou i now has to share my love bwt terrapins, hamsters and cats.

my two hamsters are abandoned babies that blood friends do not want..i named them hamie and hamham...

hamham used to be v fat but recently she have becomin v slim...just to get into size S instead of size L...hamie is the greedy boy..he can eat and put food inside his poach till it round and full...

both of them are v smart too..they can respond to any noise but it their animal instinct...hamham is v sweet gal...u can see from her adorable face how sweet she is..hamie is v hyperactive..too much energy.

their habitrail cage is alreadi rusty..i duno how long it will last till i need a new cage again... their fav passtime: playin with each other...

However unlike notty sweetie, my two babies only got 5 star credits:
*Respond to noise esp when i called their names
**Will never bite ur fingers till it bled...v tame
***is v easy to take care of and will eat from my hand whenever i handfeed them
****is extremely entertainin to watch them play ..esp when i took both of them outside the cage...yeah, need to be careful for them...once when i fisst had hamie, i let hamie go to the dark hole inside my room...luckily when i called him, he come out of the hole himself (unlike our rainbow bridge feifei that hide under the furniture for help)
*****I love their soft fur...v nice to hold them since they will never bite.. i love to feed them fruits like cucumber or papaya..they esp love i feedin them overexpire bread...hmm..sound bad to feed them bad bread, but i feed them for one more day before i throw them away.

This is hamham should be v big image but i wil resized it...

This is my signature for my fav hamsters created this animation using animation shop.

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Kai Ling said...

Haha, why the picture looks abit distorted?

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