Monday, January 17, 2005

Fly away cum sweetie home sweet home part 7

Jennifer say:

today sis fly to HK. she will be in HK uni for 5 to miss her and 'quarrel' with her.. hee........she took 6.50 flight..

heard fr mum that sweetie try to stalk them but the big lungage scared her...and little white ears and mini toon decide to replace stalker sweetie instead..

sweetie was hiding under the tree when i back at 1 plus..i called her and she run toward me and follow me to the lift..i plan to kidnap her up to our house but a stranger appear and scared sweetie i went up and grab the cat food and went to find sweetie..she at second floor again and i waved her to come..she ate some cat food and when i went to the lift..she followed me into the lift..she reali cute when she run toward our flat..

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Kai Ling said...

Hey I reach HK liao. Help me tell mother... Dun have IDD card to call back yet but managed to use the computer.

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