Sunday, January 30, 2005

Little rascal

Jennifer say:

oh...sweetie extremely notty as well as clever...she know how to please us human...

Here what she do that make her a 5 stars cat:
*mum do not like sweetie on my bed....everytimes mum entered my room with sweetie on my bed, sweetie will jump down my bed and went rite to her bed box without mum shouted for her to 'xia lai'...after when my door close again, sweetie will listen for noise outside...if the coast is clear, she will jump back to join me on my bed....

**everytime when either me or mum bath in the bedrm toilet, sweetie will wait outside for us to come out...(provide that the bedrm door is open but it will be as we never close it when we inside bathin)

***Dinner or lunch is also sweetie fav time where she will sit patiently beside us lookin at our faces... out of 'pity', we offered her food... and when i took my meal at the small table rite in font of our sofa, she will sit down next to me to 'beg' for food..and everymornin, when i read the newpaper, she will put her fat bum rite at the page i am readin...'hei sweetie, i do not wan to read new with ur fat bum on the paper." so i spolit her by offering bit of my bread with milo...yeah...i also feed her milo milk.

****when i am using the computer, sweetie will secretly sit down under my chair...and she did not meow most just to 'bite' my ham leg...must be lookin like ham meat to her but it did not incur injury..just she love to play

*****Sweetie can wait beside my room door watin whenever we locked her when we wish to go out...just sit rite beside the door rooom waiting for us to come back...she got short memory...we can scold her and theaten her one min, the next min, she run back to find us....when mum told sweetie to close her eyes to sleep, she actaully close her eyes, not to sleep of course but she seem look like she understand what mum talkin abt..i trainin her to sit while i feed her...well..sort of successful halfway as she will sit ...but she do site when she eat also so i am in doubt of my success rate. before that while she still a wild cat, she come to our house herself 3times, follow us into the lift, and follow us whenever we go to find other cats that she dislike.

This is her 1 star ratin for bad behavior"

:( Hide under the sofa and refused to come out regardless of what happen even if we offered her food...(but she got short memory)

:( tryin to bite my hand when i pet her..esp when she lie on her back down

:( attempt to test my patience when i called her a dozen time to come back when we took her for toilet break.... in the end, Food is alway the best solution...when that failed, a curel resort is to leave her to be a few hour wild cat...when i find her later, she will always be vvvv happy to see me.

:( run around like xiao without any reason..dun if she happy but she just dashin here and reali annoy me when i saw her bad behaviour...i just choose to ignore her

:( spook me when she suddenly disappear or appear out of nowwhere...but i hate it when i cannot find her and scared when she suddenly spooky to just findin her esp in nite...

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Kai Ling said...

Ooh spooky.. Haha. Now ur blog only got sweetie

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