Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bad Sweetie cum night stay part 7

yesterday sweetie stay overnight again..duno if sweetie miss her wife life..yesterday she seem v restless today worse..she give me 'small cut' on my finger..this is the 3rd time i got present from cats..the first time is from ah-ring,second is from little white ears and third.naughty sweetie..not v painful..just like a smal knife cut.

we goin to release sweetie into the wild after sis fly off the HK..i will stil bring her back for day care night stay..she too naughty..maybe weekend can lor.

i insert a cute mouse cursor and a animated signature of my 'name'..look cool..i still lookin for ways of morderizing my blog to make it look more cool since i dun like the premade blog that give a cute picture but mess up everything else..

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