Sunday, January 02, 2005

Gone on the Rainbow Bridge, farwell baby rat

it finally happend..after i rescus the poor baby rat from the cat cluthes, it still died.. as mentioned on my blog on sun, the baby rat was died lasted for onli two days..i am hopin for it to live but it dun wan to eat this morning and the front paw of him was frozen, yeah, not moving at all..when i dripped milk into him yesterday, he was still able to move... but this morning it was moving v little..i know its end was coming..

alas, this evening at 7 plus, i saw it completely cannot escape the death fate afterall though i delay it for two days... i feel sad it died..thoug it a rat but it a life and a small life after all..i think of the happi thing like maylike his next life wil be better instead of a little rat..i pray for his welldoing in the rainbow bridge ...R.I.P, baby rat...

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