Tuesday, January 04, 2005

sweetie home sweet home Part 3

hi, i decided to name sweetie at my house in parts so i know exactly how many times sweetie gone for a one day stay at our house..

today i went shop n save to buy newspaper..at first, i though of goin sheng siong to buy but i decided if i am slightly late, i will meet Linda again..Linda is the cat auntie that feed all the stray everymorning..not that i mind but except for cats, we have nothing to say..the sick kitten that stay for 3 days at our house duno when ago was also 'instructed' by her to stay with me..

anyway after i bought newspaper, sweetie turned out at the brushes where we usually feed her and follow me..an old woman and a younger woman turned in front of our path..clever sweetie run off..i had to find her and take another path with fewer ppl.. again, sweetie follow me all the way to the lift..when she half in the lift, i push her further in and close the lift door..

sweetie today is extremely naughty..try to bite me but no injury...and run here run there..i had to threaten her with loud voice and also carry her back to her sleeping basket..there at nite, it is sweetie toilet break..she walked around restlessly and when i put her into the tollery to be pushed out, she is v obedient and sit there patiently waiting for us to push her down...

as usaul..it is the toilet break and we left sweetie as she was..of course, she try to follow us down the stairs to sheng shiong but mum chased her away...

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