Thursday, January 27, 2005

Smart Little

Jennifer say:

Whose the smart little..of course is Queen sized Sweetie..She had grown fatter nowaday..her neck have a bit visible fattness...WOW..duno if it is our fault for feedin her too much...she used to be thinner before..but that time she lose 4 babies becoz she was spayed...poor thing

she eaten some grass today..mum say she sick but she ok at least to me...sweetie

i not updated my record for sweetie home stay...up to record, sweetie last entry is sweetie night stay part 9 is it will be added 6 days...sweetie home stay part 15

sweetie love to play this werid game with me..she will jump and put both her paws on my legs like my leg is ham meat..she did not reali intend to injure me just playin...

she also love to run here run there out of like a runaway train...movin min ok the next 'xiao'

i like to have her in my bed..she reali good..did not disturb me when she awake....just sit there quietly groomin and movin a bit...i found what great bed i have..when sweetie stir bed is movin spring

i wake up daily at 5 plus or 6 plus to take sweetie down for we meet the auntie neighbour next to us..the '2 wife_big wife". she say ' early take cat down to walk walk' i just smiled...opps...caught red handed...

i showin my attention to hamham n hamie too..sort of guilty that i got their predator out at home...they still that small plus cute...yah..sweetie jumped out on blood desk yest..i shouted her to get lose...she also jumped on blood bed 2 to 3 times but she scared of my 'get lose' warning...i beat her or sort of not beat..just raise the big stick on her when she notty...she reali scard when i theatened to beat and mum also 'like' to theathen i guess maybe that why she xiao sometines

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Kai Ling said...

Hey hey... Meimei is so clever

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