Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ten Reasons Why I hated Cockroaches...

Jennifer say:

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Yesterday, i was in brother room when i saw a black thing flying past my head..Without even stopping to stare with the 'foreign object', i fled out of the room, leaving a puzzled and curious sweetie staring at the 'object' that flying against the wall near the door.

I then screamed at my mum of the cockroach inside the room..Mum then went in and began her elimination mission. Mum spotted the cockroach when she saw sweetie staring at the fan. Then mum went out to get an newspaper. When she returned, again sweetie helped her to chase the cockroach and use sweetie radar eyes to see the roach movement. Then, sweetie cornered the roach to a corner of the wall..NO escape Finally and once again, Mum completed her mission successfully with sweetie help.

I really hated my TOP 10 reasons:

1) They always appear near me, either above my head or near the wall where i am standing
2) They stink
3) They always fly around and try to 'come' near me
4) They always appear out of nowwhere and disappear out of nowhere but i know they are there
5) They are dirty
6) They like to hide in tiny place - like my toy bag when i was small or the shoe box
7) They give me 'heart attack'
8) They always come in pairs with babies
9) They do not have an sense of direction, just flying blindly at anywhere and stopping anywhere,including our clothes
10) Dead, they still make the room stink

I know how tiny roaches are, but to me, i really hated, mum got a assistant to help her with the elimination mission. great..


KL said...

I like the light blue colour, but the stripes @ the side are quite glaring... DUnno if u agree.

Yes, Sweetie is a clever gal!

Neo said...

Not bad huh, next time train sweetie to kill the cockroach. Lucky I was not at home, haha...

coboypb said...

Hi, Jennifer
I hate adult cockroaches too. I will shout for my parents to exterminate them. Small ones - I can try to kill them myself but for big ones, I just freak out. Hee

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