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Yomigaeri Resurrection 黄泉复活

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Yesterday, i watched a lovely love story in Channel U, 黄泉复活, it a japanese movie but i watched in chinese verison so i can enjoy more of the characters. A love story is not only in BF-GF, it also in Mum-son, Husband-wife and of course one-sided love. All this loves happened in this movie.

The story began with two couple with a tatto on their hand where the female said to the guy:you are finally back. Next the scene went to a small boy looking in a puddle of water and staring at what look like fireflies in the sky. The boy then went to a house where when the boy asked a old woman:' who are you' , the mum said" i am your mum. The boy was supposed to died in WW2, the mum was already in her 80s. Another woman named Aoi was having a free ride by her two friends..Aoi (Yuko Takeuchi 竹內结子) then arrived at her house where her old friend heita was waiting for her outside her house.

A professional named Heita then investiage the Resurrection of the boy. I then Heita was a sort of CID, or plain clothes police or doctor..I not sure what his job is but it was rather a senior position. It was later learnt that a lot of ppl had Resurrection in his hometown. Heita was pluzzed why this happened. Aoi and Heita had a drink and dinner at a resturant whom aoi's bf, Shunsuke used to go. Shunsuke was drowned in the sea.

There are many sweet moments of ppl Resurrection from their death:
1) The son who joined his mum. The son died in WW2. the mum was already in 80s when he arrived from the dead.
2) A loving husband whose wife came back from the past.
3) a Woman who manage a restrarant with her assistant to support her 3 year old daugher. Her husband returend from dead too. He died in a fight sortly after his daughter arrived.
4) A man, in 60s meeted with his mute wife. It is v warming to see them in sign language saying how they meet in the rain. The mute wife died in childbirth. Later the husband took the mute wife to meet their daughter who taught at kindergarten. the daugher is not mute and was v happy to meet her birth mum for the first time..
5) a high school student who commit suicide after his classmate bullied him. It was later learn in toward the end of the movie that it was his classmate whose love made him returned from the death.
6) A dim-witted man whose elder brother returned. his elder brother died at 14 from a cold.
A man discovered a hugh hole in the middle of the forest. Soon, Heita and his assistants investigated further and discovered shocking information. It was now known that those who live again happened within the range of the hole (it supposed to drop from the sky, a stone but i dun get the name). It so happened that a graveyard was in the same area and those corpses within the range were Resurrected. Heita found that in the range, another corpses as long as they had a remains can be Resurrected when their loved ones that are living longed for their retern. Love with the power of the hole make the dead returned.

Heita and his assistant then planned a secret mission to relocate thos whom were Resurrected in a low profile to avoid media attention. Those whom Resurrected were tested for virus and blood tests. His assistant then suggested to bring some of the Resurrected to a high-tect lab in another place in Japan where there was better facilities. Strangly, at the train, the 3 whom Resurrected disappered. Those who are outside the range will returned to their loved ones again.

A policeman towed a crashed car out of a clift. It was discovered that the man and woman had died in the car but a evelope on the car consisted on blood A whereas the dead were O. Aoi was already died but Heita love for her made her come back to life again.

Heita loved Aoi for a long time but Aoi also talked abt her dead Bf,Shunsuke . Heita slapped Aoi for longing for Shunsuke to come back but it was impossible as his ashes were thrown into the sea. Heita then rememered Shunsuke was a organ doner. If he can placed Shunsuke remain within the range, Shunsuke can be bought back from the dead. So Heita went to the doner centre and tried to find the organs of Shunsuke. The organ were sent to another island of Japan and Heita travelled to the island to claim back the organ.

Those whom Resurrected knew that their time in earth will be used up in a certain night. They spent their time with their families.
Heita whom found the organ happily phoned Aoi to tell her to go the RUI concert. Aoi also knew that her time was up at the nite of the concert but Heita was too impatient to listen to her and hang up the phone. At the nite of teh conert, The woman at the beginning of the movie was actually a singer named RUI( the one with tatto), her lover was already dead but returned also. Together Rui sang many nice songs but her lover played the music. The songs are really nice, i think the acteres was a singer in real life or had another singer sing in behalf. The songs were choosen v nicely to the seperation of RUI and her lover too.

Heita then told AOI to go north to the range of the stone. Aoi ran and they meet. When Heita was surprised the Aoi BF did not returned, Aoi said actually the most wanted ppl she liked to meet is Heita. Heita then expressed his love to Aoi, and Aoi replied that she did not want to be gone like that..with that word, Aoi disappeared in the air with green light of fryflies floating above the air.

Heita lost Aoi forever but learnt a lesson from a high school girl.. The girl loved the guy whom commit sucide. She mentioned that no matter whether the person is died for how long, as long as the person is with her for one second, one hour, one day, the love will always reminded in her heart forever and not disappeared. sweet...

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