Sunday, November 27, 2005

Finally A new layout

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
I had finally created a new layout with cats that i love..these cats are:

NaNa (NutNut)
And sweetie

They look so cute

One thing abt this new layout is i cannot make my chinese character come just goes @#$% and when i preview, it's ok but once i publish it, it come out in werid character.

I will try to put the code for the previous post and achieve (where all ur post entries link are).. There's another glitch when u click on the link to my previous post too, if u link, u cannot see the sidebar text's replaced by all my codes..but my main post had a link back to my home page so i think it is ok although it look messy..

Overall rating of my first layout (well..i used a premade one to help me): 6/10.

I will try to do the following:
1) Add back my clock mouse
2) Add back my bottom word instead of the "DONE" that u see at the bottom of this site
3) Add back my midi files
4) Add back the Archives Link to my earlier posts

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