Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Trial Test with new picture hosting site

I am currently using picasa to host my website fotos. Quite easy to use but there lot of features that i had yet to figure out. Use baibai foto to test. The feature allow u to link ur foto to blogger immediately, i duno if i can send more fotos at one go to the same post. will experiment with more fotos later.

I used to host in www.photobucket.com. I had already set two account in photobucket, i also like using photobucket but there is limited feature-it simply allow u to host online fotos only.

Picasa is introduced by digital time in strait time today. It look cool and best of all, it is free like photobucket.

here picasa website: (there is also a mini icon that link to picasa at the end of the foto)
http://picasa.google.com/ Posted by Picasa

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