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TVB: Better Halves 金版冰人

Jennifer say:

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Just finished watching the last Episode of Better Halves..really like stevan Ma better now..he so cute in that show..

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The cast of the show and their character are as follows:

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馬 浚 偉 Steven Ma Chun Wai as 全 家 福. He is the lead character in this show. His role is as 冰 人, this mean as a matchmaker in ancient times. He helped many couples to overcome difficulties in their objection from parents, rivels of in-laws, marriage between rich and poor, marriages of two nations ppl where their nations were at war.

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張 可 頤 Maggie Cheung Ho Yee as 連 百 合 . She is business partner as 全 家 福 in their matchmaking business where they named it 一 線 牽. There is a chinese proverb called: 千里姻緣一線牽. This is how the name of their matchmaking business came about. 連 and 全 were actually married in paper. 全 father tricked 連 father into giving him the money and lied to his son that his son must married to 連. 家 福 was forced into the sedan on the day of marriage but he run off with his uncle, ping an on the day of the marriage. They then lead a wandering life for 6 years before they meet 連 百 合 again in the captial.

一 線 牽 was a private business. There another offical matching businees ran by an offical from the court. 連 百 合 was protrayed as a lioness whom later fall in love with 全 家 福.

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蓋鳴暉 Joyce Koi Ming Fai as 令狐喜
She was forced to dress as a guy as only the male in her family can carried on the family line to be offical matchmaker. She fall in love with 高斐 ( hei, this name suddenly remind me of goofy the dog from mickey mouse). 令狐喜 and 高斐 had a funny relationship as 高斐 kept thinking that he fallen in love with a guy in the earlier stages. 令狐喜 was forced to reveal her identify when she so silly dress in the wedding custom in a room and it so happend 高斐 banged into the room. They had a fight in the dark where she managed to escape but 高斐 knew that the person in red was 令狐喜. A sandal make her lose her official post but bai and fu asked her to join 一 線 牽 that she did. 令狐喜 looked handsome as a guy but look werid as a female role..this is esp when she is not yet married to 高斐..her hair looked extremely funny. but when she married and her hair was bun up, she look must be the fault of the hairdresser for that werid hairstyle.

Anyway in real life, 蓋鳴暉 always act as the guy in HK opera.and she was quite well known..i remembered when she came to singapore, some HKers also followed her here to view her performance.....since i never understand whatever she was singing, i did not really care what her acting was opera at least..In TVB, her acting is great, i should say... i meant no female can protray as guy that well as her ..she really a pro since she already experienced in being male cast.

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陳豪 Morse Chan Ho as 高斐
I really like him but not as much as i like steven..His role is so funny..i think this is the first time i seen him so funny..he not the sort of being funny in words like steven but it is the way he act.. where he love to say poems and he can said the same poems everytime..The most funny part was when he suspected he was gay for starting to like 令狐喜, he asked 全 家 福 to try to seduce him..ended up, he gave 全 家 福 a punch of black eye... to test that he was not a gay. His love for 令狐喜 was very deep..Though they had misunderstanding becoz 高斐 was always helping the private matchmaker to arrange marriage and investiage the background of the couples. And becoz xi belonged to the officers matchmaker, he/she was not happy to see fei helpin her rival.

In the past, matchmaker must find out the background of both couples carefully to avoid unhappy marriage..How i wish this 'habit' can carry on to the present times...then there be no more abuse of child, wife or husband or 'in-laws?' and less divorces...

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- 嘉碧儀 Cerina da Graca as 辛想想
Noted how miserably tiny is her photo..I cannot find any bigger photo of hers in this show so i find a tiny one instead.

for little info abt her: (since i duno her at all)She had a funny surname as she is half chinese and half-other(i duno what). She is Miss HK 02..well..her looks is ok..

Her role as xiang xiang is bit of extra..i disliked her character as she always mess thing up.. firstly she mistaken that fu like her but in fact fu onli loved bai he. and secondly when she was given the title of princess, she asked the emperor to matchmake fu to her..well not mentioned in the show why the emperor matchmake the marrage but i assummed that xiang told the emperor how much she love fu. And also her onli skill in this show is to eat and eat...

eventually she married fu uncle, ping an.. bit of funny why the ending is like this..can't the producer make xiang xiang marry to a foreign prince for peaceful treaty..I remembered in most accient show, the emperor always marry the princess to an faraway place so that the emperor can secure peace from that nation..since xiang is not the emperor own sister, i think should have marry her off to a barbarian instead of dim-witted ping an. One thing i dun understand is why ping an whom was supposed to have the IQ of an 8 year old child can be so smart to like xiang xiang... An 8 year old only know how to wail and bully cats..yuck...not chasing girls by tryin to impress her with smart...Well ping an became a dim-headed when fu's mother scolded him and a vase dropped to his he turned from smart to dumb.. not so dumb since he can speak ideas sometimes so well...

well..overall, i like the show becoz of steven ma.. oh..he so cute again...

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