Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Morning Cats..Meow

Jennifer say:

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NaNa emerging from her hiding place-behind that tree that..Her name is "Jianbina" in hokkein meaning jackfruit as she is so overweight...I shorten it to cute she looked...

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Yummy Yummy

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Looking like "Hu La 博士" smart

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Kapo at the camera..What's up?

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Ginger-Clone brother of Dawn blog:

Clone brother/sister from Dawn Blog:
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I carelessly let him take one of my slippers....he seem to enjoy it very much

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All cats love to groom..see how concerned his little face looked when he grooms..

Well..These are all the morning cats, the rest of the group only come out in the night..

Still missing the night cats: Baibai, Baby, Seaweed (Big head) And Ah-ring...


KL said...

Yeh! Cats are the best!

Neo said...

morning the cats dun look as cute cos no big big eye

Dawn said...

The cats are missing? Did they go missing recently?

jennifer_yq said...

no..the morning cats only come out in the morning..I have not yet taken fotos of the night cats that come out only in the night so they are 'missing'

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