Friday, November 18, 2005

The Kids today

Jennifer say:

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The online forum today from my previous post stated:

Studies have demonstrated the benefits of interaction with animals and how children exposed to pets and animals appreciate and remember lessons of tolerance, compassion and social responsibility.
Unfortunately, the carnival instilled negative values in young children: intolerance of other living beings in our community, and the acceptability of a sterile humans-only Singapore.
I hated to say this but i think kids today really lacked compassion for cats that so many times smaller than the kids..
When I feed cats, this is how the kids in my area behaved (often with parents walking behind)
1) Walk very loudly by stamping his leg and frightening the cats nearby me
2) Try Chasing the cats whom lie on the floor around me
3) Once, a brother was discussing with his elder sister that he going to frighten this cat while his sister frighten the other
4) Most Fridays, A group of kids around 6 to 7 will gang together to chase the cats
5) Make loud sound to make the cats ran away
6) Pour water in my full view in a cat--i am disgusted by the stupid act
That how badly kids misbehave today...
So nowaday, i allow the cats to follow me to a area where we are hidden behind the wall to feed them and planed this strategy to keep the little predators (those badly behave kids) away
1) Have my sister or I stand near the cats
2) Openly speak to those kids whom try to disturb the cats
3) avoid the playground or walk nearby when we saw kids ( the cats usually follow us)
4) Wait for any predator (For some reasons, most kids love to frighten the cats) to walk past before we move to our block...Usually ginger and nana and sometime baby will follow us to our block everyday so we need to be careful to avoid any kids in their way
I wonder what parents those kids have to have the miscocept that bullying cats is all right. It make me think of what they will do when those kids grow up-bullying someone weaker eg their wives or abuse their maids since they are used to bullying something or someone whom is smaller than them..It really disgusted me that i need to repeat the so called strategy to prevent anyone to frighten the cats..Of course, some adults are no different from kids, they do frighten the cats too-- I suddenly remembered one word my sister liked to use -bird-brained and that what those ppl are...
*sigh* Baibai a male cat was injured with a bad wound 5 or 6 days ago.. I think he was attacked by sweetie's sweetheart,Little crooked Head..Poor thing, i tried applying some medi on him..sister said his wound had dried up but he got two tiny wounds sad..maybe i bring him home to bath him..he supposed to have white fur with black patches..but it look dirty with petrol strain on his back...


KL said...

Yah kids today dun like cats...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, you have a very cute blog. And I totally agree with you on these heartless kids. I actually chased this girl when I saw her kicking one of my strays while the poor cat was eating dinner. She got away though, that young punk was running faster than me...Sigh. Keep up your good work and do post some pics of your darling strays.


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