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Feeding strays are never illegal

Jennifer say:

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I am so happy to read the strait time forum today:
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Nov 18, 2005

NO STRAYS, PLEASE. WE ARE TAMPINESCouncil should rethink its anti-cat stance
DURING a visit to the Social Responsibility Carnival organised by the Tampines Town Council on Saturday, we were taken aback by two posters. One, featuring the tagline, 'An Estate Where There Is No Strays', had a gigantic blue tick on it while the other, 'Feeding Stray Cat', which featured a tip-ear sterilised cat eating neatly off a layer of newspapers, had an equally huge red cross.
Maintaining an estate devoid of neighbourhood cats does not equate with social responsibility. Neither is feeding strays, per se, social irresponsibility.
As a country with First World infrastructure, the town council's aim of a stray-less Tampines shows Singapore's backward mentality, lacking in the compassion Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wishes to inculcate in our countrymen.
The anti-cat stance of the town council harks back to mediaeval Europe's persecution of cats. Branded heretical due to their role in 'pagan' worship, cats suffered mindless persecution. In the same period that the church sponsored the Grand Inquisition, cats were tortured en mass: hanged, burned at the stake, roasted alive, or killed on sight. So relentless was this persecution, the European cat population shrivelled to less than 10 per cent of its pre-inquisition number.
Ironically, the Black Death brought a brief respite in the 14th Century. Then, the Europeans had neither time nor inclination to amuse themselves with cat killing. During this lull in their persecution, cats multiplied rapidly and attacked the plentiful food supply: plague-carrying rats. There is evidence one of the reasons the plague that claimed two thirds of Europe's population ended was the sudden increase in the number of cats.
Similarly, after the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority cancelled the Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme in 2003 and culled more cats, a rat-extermination drive had to be launched later that year.
Studies have demonstrated the benefits of interaction with animals and how children exposed to pets and animals appreciate and remember lessons of tolerance, compassion and social responsibility.
Unfortunately, the carnival instilled negative values in young children: intolerance of other living beings in our community, and the acceptability of a sterile humans-only Singapore.
Lest we forget, then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong stated during a walkabout in Kim Keat that it is not illegal to feed stray cats, but it must be done responsibly.
Unless Singaporeans are proud of being a truly sterile nation, attitudes such as the Tampines Town Council's must change.
Geraldine Soh Geok Lian (Ms)This letter carries 10 other names
From now onward, i can feed strays without trying to hide behind walls.. since PM Goh stated that i is not illegal to feed cats..To think that the RCs members in my area discouraged ppl to feed cats and tried to make it as if when RCs members caught anyone feeding cat, that poor guy will be fined $50 and the poor cat will be sent to SPCA to be put down.. I think fine for feeding cats is becoz the ah pek near my flat anyhow left lots of dry cat food without waiting for the cats to finish their food..I usually try clearing ah pek dry food when i saw it on the floor....
Well..I also feel happy to discover some bloggers whom LOVE cats:
I love reading her blog..she seem a sweet ppl that i like to know more abt her but unfortunately she not responded to my lone comments on her blog..
I fist found abt this blog from a search for cat blog..i am really tired of reading xiaxue blog where she sweared for no reason any now and i decide on trying an animal blogger...from this new york blogger, i found simple life and her friend dawn blog
I not yet read her blog but i think it must be interesting too..i currently catching reading simple life blog...
Well..Cat lovers, if u so happen to visit my blog, drop me an email..i love to chat more with u to exchange how to better take care of my groups of strays near my neighourhood...
BTW, just a general tip, if any cat have mite, use FRONTLINE spray on him/ cost $20 from pet shops in Serangoon north (near where i stayed, lucky me)...just spray it really wet and rub it against its will try to lick but it is ok since the medicine is not so strong...

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coboypb said...

Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for checking out my blog.

It was after I read Dawn's blog that I have a better understanding of the lives of stray/community cats and the role that Cat Welfare Society (CWS) plays in helping these cats and the people who care for them. CWS has prepared som FAQs on their website and you may find them useful in managing your community cats. If you need further advice, you can also email :)

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