Monday, August 26, 2013

#57/2013★ Getai Performanace @Serangoon Market on 26/08/2013★七月二十日★ event ~Serangoon Market 中元会★ Host Liu Ling Ling & Tian Yue ★神风乐队★百星舞台秀★★

Jennifer say:


 ★ Today Getai - Large Stage but limited space.

 ★ Time watched:8.15 pm to 1030pm

 ★Today Crowd: Crowded ★My Position: Standing position

 ★Me about tonight getai: Initally had ask Mr Tan to help mum and I chop two chairs but then That doris keep asking Mr tan to give the chairs up when mum and I did not arrived after 8. So bo bian, need to stand. Luckily Andy offered 1 chair for mum. Very nice of him to offer 1 chair. I am still okay with standing. Nice to see Andy hosting tonight.

★Video uploaded tonight:11

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First Time watched Little Zi Wei sing. Cute

Know that Andy no longer sing this song in getai in recent months. But i am hoping he can sing 1 full song. Tonight is quite a pity, only half song.

 photo DSCN1782_zps429d8547.jpg Andy and Liu Ling Ling

 photo DSCN1786_zps21c47892.jpg
 photo DSCN1793_zps95664c45.jpg Liu Xin Ling

 photo DSCN1795_zps9bb1f035.jpg Hosts

 photo DSCN1798_zpsdf9a48e3.jpg
 photo DSCN1803_zps57b18876.jpg Lin Xiu Feng

 photo DSCN1805_zps04818da0.jpg Liu Ling Ling

 photo DSCN1806_zpsd82642b7.jpg Hosts

 photo DSCN1811_zps56d7f808.jpg Andy LED photo was a long time ago photo of him when i first seen him in getai. Think was in Year 2010.

 photo DSCN1817_zps8308c42b.jpg Zi Wei, she is the younger sister of 龙飞凤舞

 photo DSCN1819_zps9f099583.jpg Hosts

 photo DSCN1824_zpsd93b9a42.jpg

 photo DSCN1828_zps5f92a32c.jpg Zhang Xiong

 photo DSCN1834_zps77c67cc1.jpg Ling Ling and Zhang Xiong

 photo DSCN1838_zps5ec4f6bb.jpg Xie wen with hosts and Zhang Xiong

 photo DSCN1844_zps9a3f7088.jpg Bao En and Xie Wen

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