Friday, August 30, 2013

#60/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk527 Amk on 30/08/2013★七月二十四日★ event ~宏茂橋527巴剎和聯合社中元会★ Host Hao Hao and Qiong Fang★骑士大乐队★荣华娱乐制作★★

Jennifer say:


 ★Today Getai: Grand stage but very small area for watchinng .

 ★ Time watched:7.30 pm to 1015 pm

 ★Today Crowd: Crowded

★My Position: Right side of the stage

 ★Me about tonight getai: I went direct from work as i knew if i am late, i will not have any clear view of the stage. I am very blessed tonight. Initally i got no chair so i find a empty chair and told the auntie that if that person come for the chair, i will leave. Then the auntie came but the committee direct her to the front area. So i get to keep the chair. I sat beside a elderly uncle whom was very keen to talk to me..haha..i dun mind uncle..he is not bad, he shifted his chair when he realised the auntie in front of me was blocking me. I went for Andy Songs. Actually i was thinking whether to go to Woodland to record his second part of this tai but decided to stay on. One was to keep uncle company. Second was i wanted to watched the HH and QF Palace short performance.

 ★Video uploaded tonight:7

I Think HH and PF performance more funny.. With QF,okay only, not so LOL.

 photo DSCN1998_zps21524034.jpg Dong Shi Qiang

 photo DSCN2000_zps1edbaf3b.jpg Stage

 photo DSCN2003_zpse3f99beb.jpg Hosts

 photo DSCN2006_zps962074e5.jpg
 photo DSCN2008_zpsf67e46e8.jpg Jing Wen

 photo DSCN2009_zps0ed9a791.jpg You Yu Shan

 photo DSCN2011_zps3c1dde4c.jpg
 photo DSCN2014_zpsf514742b.jpg Chen Xiao Xin

 photo DSCN2018_zps6d7e44fa.jpg Andy

 photo DSCN2020_zps89fb45b3.jpg Hosts

 photo DSCN2022_zps845071c2.jpg Cute 紫薇

 photo DSCN2028_zpsb0af8a6f.jpg My Location

 photo DSCN2031_zps41a200e2.jpg
 photo DSCN2034_zpsfd0fc30e.jpg Ting Ting

 photo DSCN2037_zpsefdf82e0.jpg Emperor and His Mother

 photo DSCN2042_zps64162476.jpg Kai Lin

 photo DSCN2044_zps2cd4ca9f.jpg
 photo DSCN2047_zps1ee3a05f.jpg Mai Hui

 photo DSCN2051_zps3fcb58f5.jpg
 photo DSCN2054_zpseaabead8.jpg Wen Si Ting

 photo DSCN2059_zpsc2a79d40.jpg Xian Hong

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